Your Child's Safety is Our Primary Concern

Aksamit Transportation takes safety seriously for your children.

Young man sitting in the driver's seat of a school bus with a checklist

Safe Drivers, Safe Students

Our employees are required to complete regular physicals and testings as needed, along with eight hours of annual company training. All employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing and work closely with ATI's certified safety instructors.

We hold strong to our safety standards, which include a zero tolerance cell phone policy. Our drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones at all while operating a company vehicle.

At Aksamit Transportation we also monitor our drivers to ensure they keep accurate records of miles driven and hours behind the wheel. A fatigued driver can be a dangerous driver.

Kids sitting in a school bus waving to the camera

Knowledgeable Riders, Safe Students

Aside from driver policies, Aksamit Transportation also strives to pass the importance of safety and self-awareness along to each of the students we transport.

Each year, every student is required to complete school bus safety training. ATI's staff of certified trainers provide the training and ensure that each child has an understanding of how to act on the bus, knows the bus riding safety rules, and is familiar with what to do in case of an emergency. Our student training program has been recognized by Minnesota Association for Pupil Transportation (MAPT) and Minnesota School Bus Operators Association (MSBOA). It has also been presented at the MAPT annual training conference.

Safety is at the heart of what Aksamit Transportation employees do day in and day out. We take pride in making certain that everyone gets to school and gets home safely every day. The safety of children always comes first; our motto is "Transporting America's Pride" and we wholeheartedly believe in it.

Front-end of a row of yellow school buses

Safe Buses, Safe Students

Our busses are also thoroughly vetted for safety.

Various safety measures are in place on all of our vehicles, and we ensure their optimal function on a routine basis. Through the use of modern technology we are able to enhance the safety of our transportation services while boosting driver efficiency. We highly recommend you visit the Minnesota State Patrol website to compare our annual state patrol inspection results with others.

Our safety-first bus solutions may include…

Thorough Inspections

  • Regular 121-Point Maintenance Inspections
  • Annual Minnesota State Patrol DOT Inspections


GPS technology is used to provide real-time information of not only where our vehicles are located, but where your children are too. Our buses may be outfitted with up-to-date GPS technology; if used, we can pinpoint locations in case of delays, bus-related emergencies, or route-related detours. At Aksamit Transportation we believe knowledge is powerful, and that power equates to greater safety.

On-Board Cameras

We install camera systems on every bus and vehicle in our fleet; with nearly 75% of the fleet already being camera equipped. Mounted at various locations throughout the bus, our cameras allow for multi-angled viewing of the driver, the students, the entrance door, and areas outside the bus. All recordings are securely stored, and only shared with school administration and law enforcement officials, in accordance with federal and state data privacy laws.

Crossing Control Arms

ATI's newer buses are each equipped with a crossing control arm. Brightly colored and mechanically operated, the crossing control arm extends in front of the school bus bumper when loading or unloading students. The arm reminds students to move a safe distance in front of the bus before crossing and to stay out of the danger zone. Crossing arms also alert drivers to stop and steer clear of the bus and students. We utilize the crossing control arm each time we pick up and drop off students.

Sleeping Child Prevention Systems

We also ensure no student is in danger of missing their stop or finds themselves in trouble from falling asleep. Aksamit Transportation has systems in place to require drivers to walk through their bus and check for sleeping children. Failure to follow procedure can trigger alarms. We also have systems to protect against unauthorized people boarding our buses.

By incorporating these necessary innovations, Aksamit Transportation not only maintains safety but delivers solutions. These systems ultimately obtain important, accurate information and enhance student safety.

Cartoon school bus filled with happy students and a bus driver

Transporting America’s Pride